Conference – Vom Verschwundenen Museum zum Kosovo Environmental Education and Research Center


During the one day symposium the biologists from the University of Konstanz – initiators of the Kosovo Environmental Education and Research Center (KEERC) – were invited to the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn for a guided visit to Petrit Halilaj’s exhibition, a themed workshop on the synergies between science and art and to give a public presentation of KEERC’s mission. Petrit Halilaj presented a short film with impressions of his 10-day stay with the biologists in Junik and discussed how their way of thinking has influenced his own approach. During the public event Bundeskunsthalle director Rein Wolfs and curator Susanne Kleine emphasized the importance of transdisciplinary collaborations to face the complexities of our contemporary present. The final discussion highlighted the positive effects of an engagement between art and biology, but also the challenges of true communication. Additionally the possibilities for further collaborations were explored.