Contact – Excursion


In spring 2015 an email was sent to the Kölnischer Kunstverein by biology student Liridon Hoxha from the University of Konstanz:

Mit der Bitte um Weiterleitung an Herrn Halilaj:

Dear Mr. Halilaj,

With a lot of pleasure I read an article about your exhibition in Cologne. Your work is an important part of art which may have a big influence on national and international sight on cultural heritage.

To come now why I’m addressing to you: I’m a biology student studying in Konstanz, in south of Germany. A professor of mine (botanist, zoologist) and me are planning and organizing an zoological excursion in the western national park of Kosova for this year. Our idea and vision is to build a museum in the following years, which will act as center for environmental research and education. We’ve been in contact with environmental ministries and local authorities and scientists. Last year, the professor visited exactly this storage of the former nature museum where you took your exposits for your art, and it might become a part of our project to restore and expose some of these.

Now, I would appreciate if you would be interested into contacting me for further details of the project. I believe that there lays a huge opportunity of cooperation of combining a nature museum with your art (which is dedicated to Kosova’s nature and the population’s conscience about it).

Yours sincerely,

Liridon Hoxha

PS: Më pyti një grua prej Köln Kunstverein ta shkruj në anglisht që të kuptojnë edhe ata qfarë po ju shkruj. Lirisht mund të më ktheni përgjigjje në shqip. Ju përshëndes.

A conversation developed from this and Petrit Halilaj was able to join the biology research group from Konstanz on their excursion to the national park of Bjeshkët e Nemuna, Kosovo in August 2015. During the course of these days a possible long-term collaboration was discussed.